ADR Logistics Ltd. has been dealing with the logistics of pharmaceutical products since 2003, managing the domestic distribution of diagnostic devices, equipment and materials over the recent years. We opened our new facility in Budaörs in 2014, where we store and handle human medicinal products. We are committed to providing patients with the most accurate and quickest services, and we believe that our experience in the field of pharmaceutical logistics will help raise the quality standards of our work in other fields as well.

Apart from the moving and storing of goods, we also assist our Clients with the following value-added services:
· Storage of clinical trials
· Customs clearance
· Storage of special pharmaceuticals
· EKAER administration

Warehouse Specifications
· 4.581 sqm expandable warehouse capacity
· GDP / GMP-suitable environment
· 325 sqm refrigerator between +2 and 8 degrees Celsius
· Automatic fire alarm and partial argon-based extinguisher system
· Continuous temperature and humidity measurement
· Validated warehouse environment and WMS
· Special, dust-free synthetic resin flooring
· Salvage tools in the warehouse
· Direct connection to the Fire Department
· 11.5 m headroom
· 24/7 security guard services, complete alarm system, closed camera system
· The average internal temperature of the warehouse is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius
· The temperature of the refrigeration units is between + 2 ° C and 8 degrees Celsius