ADR Logistics Ltd. operates the largest dangerous goods warehouse in Hungary. Built in 2006, the complex and its technical solutions are still the most advanced in the region today. We have all the necessary licenses and permits for our operation, including the SEVESO III upper tier dangerous establishment license. The safe handling of all product sections is possible within the field, with the exception of explosives and radioactive substances. Adapting to the challenges of recent years, we expanded our portfolio with battery raw materials and battery logistics. Our quality management system, continuous training sessions and our own SHE department are responsible for upholding the quality standards.

Apart from moving and storing goods, we also assist our Clients with the following value-added services:
· Labelling
· Packaging
· Customs clearance
· Customs warehousing
· EKAER administration
· Excise goods warehouse management
· Dangerous goods consultancy
· Logistics consultancy

Warehouse Specifications
· 11.215 sqm expandable warehouse capacity
· Explosion-proof design
· Automatic fire alarm and argon fire extinguishing system
· Special, dust-free synthetic resin flooring
· Salvage tools in the warehouse
· Direct connection to the Fire Department
· Salvage pools/Safety pits
· 11.5 m headroom
· Double security guard shifts, complete alarm system, closed camera system
· The average internal temperature of the warehouse is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius
· The temperature of the refrigeration chambers is between + 2 and 8 degrees Celsius