We at ADR Logistics Ltd. have recognized the fact that the producers of premium food and drinks also require personalized services from service providers. That is why we have established and developed our Food Logistics branch, which has become one of the most important parts of our company. As a significant expansion, we have opened our new food warehouse in Gyál in 2017.

Apart from the moving and storing of goods, we also help our Clients with the following value-added services:
· Labelling
· Sealing services
· Packaging
· Customs clearance
· Excise goods warehouse management
· Tax warehouse
· EKAER administration

Warehouse Specifications
· 4.132sqm expandable warehouse capacity
· HACCP license
· Automatic fire alarm and extinguisher system
· Direct connection to the Fire Department
· Salvage pools
· 11.5 m headroom
· 24/7 security guard, complete alarm system, closed camera system
· Cooled storage space available