🌸 Today we would like to treat you ladies with a quote from Tamás Csitáry-Hock on the occasion of Women's Day! 🌸

"The real Woman is let live by the man. Because Woman is just as human. And a Companion. She is man's companion. In everything. She can do everything for him: wash, cook, clean - but not because it's her job. But out of love. Love that he notices and returns. She may wash, cook, clean - with him. Or maybe she just doesn't expect everything from him. She doesn't say anything if lunch isn't ready on time or the shirt's a little wrinkled. Because that's not the most important thing to her. Not the lunch, not the objects, not the appearance. It's the Companion. The Woman. The real one."

Thank you to all the women who make our days more beautiful! ❤️